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The Randonauts 

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Первая в мире Квантово-генерируемая реалити игра "Каждый Сам Кузнец Своих Приключений".

Исследуй Мир О Котором и не Догадывался. 




mind matter

mind matters

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Journey into Randomness.

Randonautica puts you in the director's chair of an adventure yet to be written. Break from your mundane day-to-day and take a journey of randomness into the world around you.

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Set Your Intention.

Your mind is your guide as you observe and view the world differently. Traveling into the unknown is a journey like no other!

a whole new world

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Break Out of Your Reality Tunnel.

Re-calibrate your mind on an exciting adventure into the world you never knew existed.

Wander into Wonder with Randonauitca!

The 9 Tenets of Randonauting


seeing in the dark

Dedication to exploring the uncertainty and blind spots of the world around us.


venture mindfully

Paying attention, practicing safety and situational awareness.


be sincere

Show compassion and willingness to understand oneself and the community.

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high vibes intent

 Be luminous in thought and strive to radiate a positive mind set.

high vibes intent

inner life.png

value inner life

 Appreciation towards the self as the catalyst for an effect on the external environment.


bridge cultural gaps

Share experiences to assist in understanding the beauty of shared global consciousness.


transform and shift

Curiously test the theory of quantum randomization and the possibility to change a life path or shift into a new, better space and time. 


bring a trash bag

Be respectful of the environment and always leave the place you traveled to better than what it was before.



Diving into randomness to find connections and meaning for both the individual and the community. Using serendipitous occurrences to guide you on your path.